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The grape variety Nebbiolo is thought to derive its name from the Latin word for fog, nebbia. It is best known for the red wines it produces in the Piedmont region of Italy, which tend to be big, tannic, and well-suited to long-term cellaring. It will occasionally appear itself on the label, for instance as Nebbiolo delle Langhe, or Nebbiolo d’Alba, but its most expressive manifestations are typically named after the commune where they are grown: Barolo, Barbaresco, Gattinara, Carema, or Ghemme. In some instances, the local colloquial name Spanna will find its way onto the label. These wines tend to be a bit on the rustic side, but should not be ignored.

Nebbiolo is also known as:

  • Spanna (Italy)
  • Picotenet (Italy)
  • Chiavennasca (Italy)
  • Pugent (Italy)
  • Chiavennasca (Italy)

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