in Mittelburgenland, Burgenland, Austria

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In a series of interviews conducted in 2009, Roland Velich sheds light on the his vision for Blaufränkisch from Burgenland, the origins of his project, his winemaking and grape growing philosophy and many other aspects of Moric.

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 Roland Velich

"I believe the world of wine is so fed up with uniform wines, produced with the goal of achieving a maximum of points in a tasting and not with the motivation of creating from the raw materials that are at disposal, namely soil, climate and varietal, a product that is singular, because of the fact that it can only grow in this one place.

Multi-layered, expressive, maybe even mysterious but certainly delicate, those are the attributes that have allowed wine to exhilarate men for centuries.

An ancient cultural artifact, that under the influence of capitalism with all its facets runs the risk of deteriorating to a mere industrial product. Fast money creates fast wines and there it is the fast wine to go with our fast food.

No friend of wine really wants this and even the so called wine industry won't want it anymore once they realize how they have shot themselves in the foot." Roland Velich

David Schildknecht, the Austrian specialist for Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, describes Roland Velich and his Moric wines this way: "Roland Velich is no longer working with his brother Heinz at the family estate in Apetlon, but is pursuing his own dream, working with old vines in the heart of “Blaufrankisch country” – Mittelburgenland, specifically Lutzmannsburg and Neckenmarkt.
(Only his winery is located in Grosshoflein.)

His are wines in a style you will not encounter anywhere else in Austria: Blaufrankisch vinified as if it were Grand Cru Burgundy, and from hillsides (including terraces) and pre-clonal vines the like of which you will not find being cultivated in most of Mittelburgenland. One sip is an Oz experience (and I don’t mean Aussie, mates!). From his dreams, to his vines, to his vinification, to his retro label, Velich is in a world of his own. He calls his project “Blaufrankisch Unplugged” (and Moric – the derivation of which I shall explain another time – is pronounced like “Moritz”). "


Roland Velich interviewed by Christian Seiler in March of 2009

"In Search of Excellence: The Moric Project" The long story to the Moric project, by importer Stephan Schindler

Moric on / Alder Yarrow's fantastic review of the Moric wines.

Wines by Moric

Moric St. Georgener Gruner Veltliner 2014 Bottle Photograph
A Grüner Veltliner grown on the limestone soils of the Leithaberg vineyards that reminds a lot of more of grand cru Burgundy
Moric Blaufrankisch Burgenland 2013 Bottle Photograph
The business card of the Moric estate, the Blaufrankisch Burgenland, encapsulates the Moric style of finesse and varietal typicity.
MORIC Reserve 2012 Bottle Photograph
Description coming soon!



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